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The DioField Chronicle shows its date with a video


The new tactical RPG from Square Enix got its release date a while ago. Now it shows it with a video.

Illustrating itself a few days ago through a dedicated livestream, The DioField Chronicle also took advantage of the moment to announce its arrival date on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch. And, it now reaffirms it with a dedicated video.

Featuring real-time strategy elements, the game developed by Lancarse and published by Square Enix, which was illustrated in March during a State of Play, will therefore show itself the September 22nd. But, before that, a demo is expected. It will arrive on August 10th. Nevertheless, as for the exact supports which will welcome it, we still remain in the vagueness. Will the trial version also be offered on consoles or will it only be planned for a publication PC?

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