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The DualSense PS5 definitely autonomous via Windows PC


The new PS5 controller frees itself a little more from its monolith and becomes a little more autonomous to make life easier for PC players who do not have a PlayStation 5 at hand.

It’s a small black dot that has just been corrected, and not the least, since there was a time when PC gamers through Windowshad to own a PS5 to update the DualSense firmware.

It is now ancient history, since a new tool eliminates this impractical step. In effect, players can now download new software made available by PlayStation for owners Windows 10 and 11 only. This is called “DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Update”, and allows you to download the updates without going through the imposing white monolith.

The following could not be simpler since it suffices to plug the controller into a USB-C port to take advantage of the changes. Isn’t life beautiful?

In the meantime, to take advantage of all this, we invite you to go directly to the PlayStation site dedicated to it.

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