Home News The dystopian game Not for Broadcast arrives in the Guinness World Records

The dystopian game Not for Broadcast arrives in the Guinness World Records


A few days after the release of its new chapter on PC, the game that plays with political propaganda officially entered the 2022 record books.

The oldest remember Dragon’s Lair, Police Quest or Toonstruck. What do these 80s and 90s games have in common? They were in FMV for Full Motion Video, real scenes played by actors and filmed, inserted into the narration to bring a little more interactivity and realism (not always) to the title.

Updated a few hours ago with a chapter 2, the game Not For Broadcast has some 42 hours and 57 minutes (and 52 seconds). A huge number that allows him to enter directly into the book Guinness World Records as the video game that has the most video content.

It must be said that this new satire, in the purest line of the eighties and totalitarian dystopia of Papers Please, puts you in the shoes of a TV manager to an English propaganda channel, which must censor and make editorial choices when broadcasting multiple programs.

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The game, which has just been released in full version with the arrival of its free update, one year after its first launch, has 11 different scenarios with many branches thanks to all these hours of videos.

If you want to become the new Pat Le Guen, head to Steam, GOG or the Epic Games Store.

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