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The Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising prequel is coming soon


The introductory episode to the universe of Eiyuden Chronicle, the new work from the creators of Suikoden, will soon be available on your consoles and PC.

While Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is expected to 2023, on a date not yet mentioned, the prequel episode will not be long in coming. Introducing to the universe, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will arrive next May 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, Epic and GOG). It will cost 14.99 euros and will also be among the Game Pass titles.

In an environment in 2.5Dthree characters will visit the various dungeons, fantasies of adventurers, which pollute here and there under the city of New Neveah. The Treasure Hunter, CJwill use his speed to unleash various attacks at the speed of the wind. The anthropomorphic mercenary Garoo will rest on his mighty sword. And, Isha the wise will support his friends with spells. All will aim, according to their motivation, to bring their city to glory again.

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Items acquired during the adventure will be transferable upon release.Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroeswhich, we recall, will be done in 2023.

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