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The ex-Mass Effect director on a new sci-fi project


The former head of the Mass Effect franchise and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has unveiled the first images of a new AAA set in a sci-fi universe.

Although his name sounds like a teenager from a 90s series, Casey Hudson is best known as a former manager of BioWare and head of the Mass Effect franchise.. On the website of his new company, Humanoid Studioshe gave some new details about the first project of this studio founded last June.

Our current project is a game Cross-platform, story-driven AAA character-driven in an all-new sci-fi universe

If the idea of ​​reviewing one of the leaders of Mass Effect on a license that strongly resembles it in broad outline, we will nevertheless notice that the pitch looks like 60% of AAA game ads of recent years. The rest being el famoso”cooperative and competitive game in free-to-play in a whole new universe“.

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So we’ll wait a bit before getting carried away and… AH but wait, some concepts have obviously been disseminated at the same time. OK, we’re getting carried away.

The studio finally specifies that it has a small team with a flexible work environment between home and on site, where developers can feel happy. “We believe in the power of small, agile teams and a flat organizational structure, where everyone is empowered to make decisions and contribute to the project vision“explains the site. For the moment, no platform or release window is announced.

Source: humanoidstudios.com

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