Home News The first virtual beer of the metaverse is signed Heineken

The first virtual beer of the metaverse is signed Heineken


Heineken Silver, the brand new beer that can be enjoyed virtually, was introduced during an event held on Decentraland.

The metaverse, this next universe wanting to copy the real world in virtual reality, is decidedly particularly trending right now.

Internet, your ruthless metaverse

Many don’t really see the point of it, whether on Meta Quest, PCVR or PSVR, or where it really takes us, but we are promised that it is.tomorrow’s revolution.

Also, in order not to miss the boat, more and more companies are investing massively in this domain. Whether it is to build this new universe in itself, buy pieces of land just in case, or even design NFTs, there is no shortage of examples.

A refreshing virtual drink?

And Heineken is no exception to the rule. The Dutch brewery has indeed presented the virtual first beer at an event held on the immersive digital platform Decentraland.

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Several journalists had been invited and had the right to lobster and caviar just as virtual during an evening hosted by the avatar ofa DJ surrounded by Heineken dancers pixelated.

Come on, come and have a drink at home

The street artist J.Demsky was even involved in the design of Decentraland’s Heineken Silver Virtual Home where everyone can come and taste this new beer at unsuspected flavors that no one will ever be able to describe for lack of being able to make anything flow on his IRL taste buds.

Demsky found it fun “to be able to give people a way to artistically understand the taste of a virtual drink“, but rest assured it was only a promotional operation aimed at promoting the brand.

A drink with a good taste of irony

Heineken especially wanted to do an ironic joke vis-à-vis all those who no longer swear by the metaverse and put it ahead of real experience.

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Bram Westenbrink, the company’s international manager, recalls that they are well aware at Heineken that the metaverse “is simply not not the best place to taste a new beer” and that they rather wish to ‘remind everyone that nothing beats the taste of a refreshing beer in the real world”.

Phew, all is not lost!

Source: www.realite-virtuelle.com

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