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The Gex brand is registered, towards a return of the gecko? News @VGR


The little gecko of the Saturn and the PlayStation could also return to the new consoles. Square Enix has registered the trademark in several offices.

After having been registered in the trademark register in Europe last Decemberthe brand Gex was registered with the similar office in Japan a few days ago, the usual internet observer accounts report. The deposit was also made by Square Enix and therefore concerns the old license.

Crystal Dynamics’ little gecko had given rise to a trilogy in the 90sa series of platform games with a mascot that hoped to compete with Crash Bandicoot or Sonic in 1996. But the success was only very modest and the license disappeared with the year 2000 bug.

Obviously, the property has been transferred to Square Enix, parent company of Crystal Dynamics. Could we see the studio’s first franchise again soon? It’s hard to say, most of the time trademark registrations are mainly used to keep the name from falling into the public domain. Obviously, the latter did not belong to Square Enix until now, so we can still expect a reboot or a remake.

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With the return of Kao the Kangaroo, there are a lot of animals on the way to reappearing…

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