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The Guillemot brothers would be ready to buy Ubisoft themselves


While takeovers are legion lately, Ubisoft would also be in the crosshairs of several players in the industry, which does not seem to please its founders.

As pointed out Seeking Alphait may well be that the Guillemot brothers want to join forces with several investors to buy all of Ubisoft before big fish can get their hands on it.

A 100% Guillemot Ubisoft

This news from a Dealreporter article, comes shortly after the rumors of a possible takeover of Ubisoft, something the company did not want to comment on. Still according to the latter, the Guillemot family would like to keep the reins of its box, whilecurrently it owns just under 16% of the shares and 22% of the voting rights.

And there would be nothing surprising since it would not be the first time that the Guillemots would seek to unite against a takeover bid. We remember, for example, the standoff that the family had to undertake for nearly 30 months with Vincent Bolloré and his firm Vivendi. A struggle that ended when the media giant ended up dropping the case after eating away at nearly 28% of Ubisoft in a few years.

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As of today, if we are to believe Kotaku’s words, it is companies like Blackstone and KRR & Co that would study the file. But if Ubisoft is really interested, it may well be that other giants like Amazon or Tencent are not very far away. We would have told you that Sony could also be interested, but it is said that the latter would rather seek to buy Square Enix. He can’t be everywhere at once.

Source: seekingalpha.com, www.gamesindustry.biz

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