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The House of the Dead Remake will return to Nintendo Switch very soon


While it is rumored to be released on other media, Sega’s cult arcade game did not yet have a specific date on Switch. It is now done.

The rumor that circulated a few days ago is that the remake The House of the Dead would appear on other media, starting with Google’s Stadia. But, pending any confirmation or denial, the title developed by MegaPixel Studio is advancing its release date on the Nintendo console.

The House of the Dead Remake will be released on April 7, 2022 on Switch and will open its pre-orders as soon as March 31as announced in the video uploaded by publisher Forever Entertainment.

And if it will present certain new features, such as revised gameplay to adapt to the standards of current titles or even a photo mode, this version will also be faithful to its original material. And for good reason, the multiple purposes offered by the title will be part of it.

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