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The King of Fighters soundtracks to be released


A vinyl release for The King of Fighters ’94 / ’95 / 2000/2002 that will delight fans of this fighting game saga.

Just for Games has just announced the upcoming release on its catalog, vinyls of SNK’s flagship license, The King of Fighters ’94 / ’95 / 2000/2002. Each of his soundtracks are part of the Brave Wave ‘Generation’ collection.

These vinyls will therefore include analog tracks but also freshly remastered digital tracks. They will be accompanied by a booklet containing notes written by former members of the development team as well as archival illustrations.

The King of Fighters ’94 – The Definitive Soundtrack – 1LP

Composed by Masahiko Hataya and pressed on an orange vinyl


  • A1 THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 Opening (Title)
  • A2 THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 Opening (MVS Title)
  • A3 Decision for Death or Humiliation
  • A4 JUNGLE BOUNCER (Brazil Stage)
  • A5 CLEAR (Clear BGM)
  • A6 NE! (England Stage)
  • A7 RYUKO NO HEN (Mexico Stage)
  • A8 SLUM No.5 (America Stage)
  • A9 NAPOLITAN BLUES (Italy Stage)
  • B1 ESAKA (Japan Stage)
  • B2 Yuu (Korea Stage)
  • B3 Psycho Soldier “KOF Version” (China Stage)
  • B4 Head Off To the R&D (Boss Intermediary Demo)
  • B5 Duel R&D (Boss Stage 1)
  • B6 UM … (After Boss Stage 1 Demo)
  • B7 R&D Conclusion (Boss Stage 2)
  • B8 Pre Good (Ending 1)
  • B9 Pre Bon – LongVersion- (Ending 1)
  • B10 HAPPY JAH! ARIMASENKA (Ending 2-1)
  • B11 SUNSET SKY Part 4 “PAPAYA Version” (Ending 2-2)

The King of Fighters ’95 – The Definitive Soundtrack – 1LP

Composed by Masahiko Hataya and pressed on a blue vinyl


  • A1 KOF ’95 (Title)
  • A2 Devil’s Selection
  • A3 Selection of the Raging Billows
  • A4 FUNKY ESAKA (Japan Stage)
  • A5 KONO YO NO HARU (Victory Demo)
  • A6 Ryo (Korea Stage)
  • A7 DESERT REQUIEM (Middle East Stage)
  • A8 SENRITSU NO DORA (China internship)
  • A9 CLUB-M – Flute in the blue sky – (Mediterranean Sea Stage)
  • A10 (RYUKO & KEN, Swinging Boys’ Hearts (American Fighting Stage)
  • B1 Bass Crawling on the Grounds (England Stage)
  • B2 Stormy Saxophone (American Factory Stage)
  • B3 Weeping R – Sorrowful D (Rugal Demo 1, 2, 3)
  • B4 HAL, BASS and MELODY (Final Boss Stage 1)
  • B5 Rugal Hymn (Rugal Appearance Demo)
  • B6 Guitar, Omega and Rugal (Final Boss Stage 2)
  • B7 Rugal Vanishing (Rugal Vanishing Demo)
  • B8 KID (Ending 1)
  • B10 SARABA! SEISYUN (Ending 3)
  • B11 THE SUNSET SKY PART 6 – LIEBE (Staff Roll)
  • B12 YOKUBOU NO UZU – Game Over
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The King of Fighters 2000 – The Definitive Soundtrack – 2LP

Composed by Hideki Asanaka and pressed on two vinyls: blue, and red


  • A1 00 (Title)
  • A2 Be-Ta Force (How To Play – Player Select)
  • A3 KD-0084 (Heroes Team)
  • A4 Lv-4 (Winner Demo)
  • A5 Inner Shade (Benimaru Team)
  • A6 Terry115 (Fatal Fury Team)
  • A7 Beauty & the Beast (Art of Fighting Team)
  • A8 The Trooper (Ikari Team)
  • A9 Cat Tail (Interrim Demo)
  • A10 Will (Psycho Soldier Team)
  • B1 Come Up Smiling (Women Fighters Team)
  • B2 Wild Party (Korea Team)
  • B3 Lv-1 (Winner Demo [Single Play])
  • B4 Good Bye Esaka (Kyo Kusanagi)
  • B5 Stormy Scream (Iori Yagami [Stormy Saxophone 4])
  • B6 Be Freeze (Mid-Boss Intermediary Demo)
  • B7 Ice Place (Mid-Boss)
  • B8 Devil (Final Boss Appearance Demo)
  • B9 Slasher Zero (Final Boss)
  • B10 Dream Eater (Final Boss Vanishing Demo)


  • C1 Crystal (Type 1) (Staff Roll [Type 1])
  • C2 Crystal (Type 2) (Staff Roll [Type 2])
  • C3 Crystal (Type 3) (Staff Roll [Type 3])
  • C4 Crystal (Type 4) (Staff Roll [Type 4])
  • C5 Crystal (Type 5) (Staff Roll [Type 5])
  • C6 Crystal (Type 6) (Staff Roll [Type 6])
  • D1 Crystal (Type 7) (Staff Roll [Type 7])
  • D2 Crystal (Type 8) (Staff Roll [Type 8])
  • D3 Crystal (Type 9) (Staff Roll [Type 9])
  • D4 Crystal (Type A) (Staff Roll [Type A])
  • D5 Crystal (Type Overseas) [Staff Roll [TypeOverseas]]
  • D6 Sukuwareru (Continue)
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The King of Fighters 2002 – The Definitive Soundtrack – 2LP

Composed by Masahiko Hataya and Yasuo Yamate and pressed on two vinyls: white, and pink


  • A1 2002 (Title)
  • A2 2002 [30 sec] (30 Seconds Title)
  • A3 How to play (Operation Explanation)
  • A4 Select (Player Select)
  • A5 J (Japan Stage)
  • A6 Tears (Kyo Kusanagi)
  • A7 Stormy Saxophone 2? Iori Yagami?
  • A8 TACOS DANCE (Mexico Stage)
  • A9 KD-0079 (KOF ’99 Team)
  • B1 Let’s go to Seoul (Kim)
  • B2 Deserted Town (Cambodia Stage)
  • B3 Diet (Women Fighters Team)
  • B4 Winner (Victory Demo)
  • B5 RED WIND (China Stage)
  • B6 Bloody (KOF ’98 Team)
  • B7 Kurikinton (Fatal Fury Team)
  • B8 The Netherlands (Holland Stage)


  • C1 KD-0084 (KOF2000 Team)
  • C2 JUNGLE BOUNCER (Ikari Team)
  • C3 Progress (Korea Stage)
  • C4 Psycho Soldier (Psycho Soldier Team)
  • C5 Beauty & The Beast (Art of Fighting Team)
  • C6 Moment of Temptation (KOF ’97 Team)
  • D1 Medley-The Earth of Raging Flames (Orochi Team)
  • D3 Challenger (Intrusion)
  • D4 NAPOLITAN TRANCE (Italy Stage)
  • D5 Revival (Rugal Entry Demo)
  • D6 Last Dance (Boss Stage)
  • D7 at Last (Rugal Vanishing Demo ~ Ending)
  • D8 Festiveval mood (Staff Roll)
  • D9 Continue (Continue ~ Game Over)

The King of Fighters ’94 / ’95 / 2000/2002 soundtracks will be available from January 7, 2022.

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