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The Last Case of Benedict Fox shows a new gameplay sequence


The Souls-like Metroidvania, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, shows itself at gamescom 2022 and offers a presentation with the developers.

Announced for the first time in June, during the Xbox conference, The Last Case of Benedict Fox returns on the occasion of gamescom 2022 to show itself a little more. And it does it twice. The first one is during an in-depth sequence commented by its developers. As for the second, it is rather through a new trailer that it does it.

Gameplay for Benedict Fox

As a reminder, the game from the Polish studio Plot Twist will offer players the role of the self-proclaimed detective Benedict Fox. While investigating a mysterious disappearance, he goes to the scene of the case: a very strange mansion. He ventures there and enters a dark dimension populated by demons of all kinds. What we can see (again) with the new communication about it.

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But, with what we are provided today, we have more of a view on what will be proposed to us in terms of gameplay when it will be released in spring 2023 on PC and Xbox consolesalthough by then it should be slightly refined. So, we can see a little more about the universe as well as about the fights, the various powers and the exploration that make up the game.

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