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The Last of Us: a first trailer for the series and a teaser for the sequel


The Last of US series from HBO has a very first trailer that announces some heavy stuff and Neil Druckmann is already teasing.

Between a series that should be aired during 2023, the remake The Last of Us Part 1 that arrives in a few days and a multiplayer game in development for a release next yearNaughty Dog’s license has the wind in its sails. The Last of Us is once again in the news today, not for another PS4/PS5 comparison of its remake, but for the very first trailer of its TV series.

The Last of Us, first trailer

During a few seconds, The Last of Us series makes our mouths water by presenting us some images, some of which will be rather telling for the fans of the first opus. We can see in particular Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and that good old Bill (Nick Offerman) in grayish environments strongly reminding the atmosphere of the gamesand that’s good. We should also relive the intense intro scene of the very first game and the drama that made Joel the cold survivor he became, before he met the young Ellie.

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Druckmann promises us that we haven’t seen anything yet

Since the release of this short trailer, the web has been ablaze. Most of the reactions seem positive for the moment and Neil Druckmann took the opportunity to do some teasing about what’s in store for us. He certifies, in fact, that we have “not seen anything yet” with this trailerwhich implies that the sequel will be even better and that we can expect to be surprised. We just want to see, but for that, we will have to wait.
For the moment, you will be able to find Joel, Ellie and consorts on PS5 from next September 2nd in The Last of Us Part 1.

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