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The Last of Us (HBO) changes the date of the Outbreak Year and shifts it by 10 years


The producers of the series take some liberties in terms of chronology. Should we see a desire to break free from the original framework of Naughty Dog’s flagship license?

Only the real know Outbreak Day it is the name given to the day that plunged humanity into chaos. All caused by a Cordyceps infection which gradually transformed humans into vile creatures.

The Last of Us first of the name was set in 2033 and put you in the shoes of Joel accompanying young Ellie. We will not go further in the narrative frame in order not to frustrate the rare unconscious who have not yet got their hands on this video game masterpiece.

While the series from this universe is still being filmed – for broadcast this summer normally -. We learn that this one will move away slightly from the initial story by even taking some liberties in terms of chronology.

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Indeed, the Outbreak Year will take place 10 years earlier than planned in the series, either in 2003 instead of 2013. And if the time line is respected, the story should take place in 2023 and not 2033 as in the game.

Would this choice be motivated by the wish that spectators can project themselves more easily into this period? 2023 is already next year, and the context that we have been living for more than 2 years would allow us to stay in the theme, right? Why not a head-eating fungus infection after a Covid crisis?

In any case it is the Twitter account of NaughtyDogInfo|News who shares the discovery with us, with the added bonus of an image of a conference which took place in October 2003.

What do you think of this choice? And are you afraid of taking too much freedom?

Source: twitter.com

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