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The Last of Us (HBO): Leaked video shows known scene with Ellie


A well-known sequence from the video game was filmed for the needs of the HBO series on The Last of Us. We see Joel and Ellie teaming up to enter a building.

Now hardly a single day goes by that we don’t see leaked images or videos on the set of The Last of Us, the series for HBO which will depict the adventures of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in the post-apocalyptic world filmed in Canada.

Shooting continues right now in Calgary and many new references to the base work have been spotted by locals, who were able to take some pictures or videos to post them on the networks. For example, we can discover FEDRA vehicles, these trucks tagged with the federal game agency. No body on the hood yet, but it looks like it, even without it.

In a video, the fan account of the series also made the parallel between a runaway scene that has just been broadcast, and a sequence of the game well known to players from the first installment of The Last of Us. We see Ellie sneaking into a conduit to open the door to a building for Joel.

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Neil Druckman, designer of the games and director of the series, recently recalled that the adaptation would be very faithful to the original story, only diverging in rare moments. However, the timeline has been greatly altered. As a reminder, Season 1 of 10 episodes will be released in 2023 on HBO in the USA. The French broadcaster has not been announced.

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