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The Last of Us HBO series: a first look at two important characters


The filming of The Last of Us series continues to be in full swing and two new important characters from the game have finally shown themselves.

The HBO’s The Last of Us series found his Sam and he took action. A few weeks ago, the American channel was looking for a young boy to play the creative and somewhat naive little survivor that is Sam. A casting that hinted at a change for this key character in Ellie’s story: he will be deaf .

Sam and Henry arrived on the set of the TLOU HBO series

The call for casting was obviously conclusive since the cast of Sam and Henry finally showed up on set from the TLOU series, alongside Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsay (Ellie). Their identity is currently unknown, although several fans seem to have recognized Lamar Johnson (X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Hate U Give) in the guise of Henry, especially since the interpreter of Ellie now follows him on Instagram, something she had already done before the formalization of Storm Reid as Riley.

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Small bonus, a snapshot seems to show that‘Ellie will indeed be wearing her signature red t-shirt, for the moment hidden under his jacket which is reminiscent of the one worn in winter. Remember that the series The Last of Us HBO is now not expected before 2023.

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