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The Last of Us Part 1 offers a new comparative video


Coming soon, The Last of Us shows itself once again with a new comparative video that Naughty Dog provides us.

Coming soon on PS5, the remake of Naughty Dog’s hit has been making various appearances for some time, whether through official or unofficial means. We must say that the leaks about it are quite numerous. In fact, even before its official release, leaks were hitting the game. This is how the game’s release date, which was set at September 2, 2022.

New PS5/PS4 comparison

Recently, it was Tom Henderson who gave us a glimpse of a scene from the game, not without spoiling those who have not yet had the opportunity to approach the title. But, just before this intervention, players were able to focus their attention on an official communication from Naughty Dog. And, admittedly, it was very short, only a few seconds, however, it amply fulfilled its objectives which were to provide a small comparison between the future PS5 version and the one released on PS4.

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Today is the same: as before, the developer used Twitter to show once again the improvements made by the version for the latest Sony console. And one thing is for sure, there is a change. It’s more beautiful, more detailed… but not sure if that’s enough for some players.

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