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The Last of Us Part I: Boston in a new PS4/PS5 comparison


Naughty Dog continues to release comparisons between the different versions of The Last of Us and the remake. This time, it is the port of Boston that is concerned.

After a quick car ride at the beginning of the game or a horse ride with Tommy, it’s Boston harbor which is at the center of a small comparison between the PS4 and PS5 versions of The Last of Us.

Oh the beautiful sunset

Here we have a video that is short to say the least. It is divided into two parts, but the same place is involved each time: Boston docksan area that we cross quite early in the game. To begin with, we have Joel overlooking the area while facing a sunset sublimated with the graphic redesign. Finally, we can see our hero in front of half sunken ships.

Once is not customary, this comparison will undoubtedly re-launch the debates on the selling price of the remake, considered excessive by a large part of the fans. If the studio’s interventions regarding the meticulous work done on the game are numerous, as recently with the mocap, the community’s disappointment is still keenly felt.

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We remind you once again, The Last of Us Part I will be released on September 2nd on PS5. By the way, pre-orders are already open on the PlayStation Store.

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