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The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal Admits He Didn’t Play Naugthy Dog’s Games


Pedro Pascal admitted it, he didn’t play the games of The Last of Us developer much, but had two very good reasons.

During an interview for QG, Pedro Pascalwho will play Joel in the television adaptation of The Last of Us, has made some confidences.

Pedro Pascal didn’t play The Last of Us, but saw his nephew play it

When asked if he is a fan of the Sony exclusive, the actor does not go overboard and explains that he has almost never played there for two very simple reasons: he sucks at video games and wanted to keep his distance for artistic reasons.

If I played the game? It’s so sad, but I have no expertise in the matter. I tried, you know. And then after a few minutes I passed the game to my nephew. It really takes some kind of skill, and I don’t have them.

I watched my nephew play for as long as I could that day, and then I had to leave Florida. I found Joel to be impressive and found the game to be a visually impressive experience. And then I was afraid of wanting to imitate too much [le Joel du jeu]which could be a good thing in some circumstances, but it could also be a mistake in some cases. So I wanted to create a healthy distanceand leave the character’s writing in the hands of Craig Mazin [co-scénariste de la série] and Neil Druckman [scénariste du jeu et co-scénariste de la série]

Pedro Pascal therefore preferred to abandon the game and keep a certain distance to be able to embody an authentic Joel, and not a simple imitation of the pixel Joel.

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The following question then arises: is the Joel, and more generally the scenario, of the television series so different from its video game version?

A question to which Pedro Pascal responds that the series will appeal to fansand even if it takes liberties. Neophytes will be able to enjoy it even without having played the games.

There’s a very creative way to honor what’s important and preserve what’s iconic in gaming, and also to include some surprising new things. The writers do some very clever things, that’s all I can say. […] The Last of Us [la série] is in good hands because they love him so much. Neil created the game and the universe and Craig loves him so much too. The series is therefore really made for those who liked the game, but there is also a very intense narration for those who are not familiar with it..

Either way, HBO seems to be pampering its new series. The Last of Us is expected in 2023although we have no date to put in our mouths for the moment.

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Source: www.gq-magazine.co.uk

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