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The Last of Us Remake: a release date and a PC version


Naugthy Dog’s highly anticipated game could be talked about very soon if we are to believe the recent leak announcing an imminent release.

More than a bunch of smoking rumors, The Last of Us Remake seems to be gradually confirmed and could even be released very soon.

The Last of Us Remake before the end of 2022?

According to an insider, to whom we owe the REAL State of Play leak a few hours before the show, The Last of Us Remake could be released on September 2 on PS5, and would have the right to a PC version as a bonus.

But apart from a date, the Twitter account tells us absolutely nothing else, as was the case for his other leaks by the way. We can therefore only wait and hope for formalization in the coming weeks.

But the idea is not so crazy in the end since we know that Sony is looking to expand its PC catalog, as it will also do soon with the remasters of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales, and we knows that the manufacturer still has several cartridges to fire before the end of the year.

What if it wasn’t The Last of Us Remake?

It is also a probability. The Last of Us Remake makes the web fantasize, but it could also be that this mysterious refers to something else.

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Part 1 could refer to the first part of an as yet unannounced big title, or even Final Fantasy 7 which is expected to be released on Xbox. In this case, the emoticon that mentions PC could be referring to Steam, since FF7 Remake is currently only available on the Epic Games Store.

Clearly, it’s still a little vague, but something is going on and will be revealed soon, something big enough for this new informant to drop a cryptic message on us, and sow doubt on social networks. Case to follow.

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