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The Last of Us Remake and multiplayer TLOU could be released at the same time


A new rumor around The Last of Us Remake and Naughty Dog’s multiplayer game reveals that the two apps could be one.

There’s something going on at Naughty Dog, that’s for sure, and this isn’t the first time The Last of Us remake and multiplayer game from the same universe have been on the table. Until recently, it was the LinkedIn profile of one of the studio’s employees that aroused suspicion, confirming the presence of two unannounced projects.

Today, this is Michael Huber from the band Easy Alliesan association of screenwriters and producers in the community, which suggests that the multiplayer game currently being developed by Naughty Dog could be released alongside The Last of Us Remake. According to him, they would both be part of the same pancake.

It is rumored that The Last of Us remake might have the new Factions mode

It could therefore be that the multiplayer software, originally planned as a stand-alone, ends up become the multiplayer mode of this famous remake.

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After all, the multiplayer mode “Faction” from the first The Last of Us did pretty well at the time and a new version would be a strong argument here able to make the most reluctant players flinch, who might doubt the relevance of a remake version of a game whose release is not that far away.

We will eventually see more clearly as soon as Naughty Dog decides to communicate on its projects, but obviously, we will have to wait a while longer. Perhaps with the arrival of the series, a preview of which leaked recently, tongues will eventually loosen. For now, we can only take our troubles patiently and take everything that falls with a grain of salt.

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