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The Last of Us Remake: Tess and Joel get a makeover on PS5


It’s now set in stone, the Last of Us Remake is coming and Naughty Dog continues to show us all the hard work put into this refresh.

It is certainly one of the most popular games in history, The Last of Us will soon be entitled to a remake. On the menu, completely reworked animations (new motion capture, etc.), modernized gameplay and full facelift for environments and characters.

The same, but better

It is also two of them who have been honored recently, Joel and Tess. As we saw with Ellie, the heroes of this remake will have the right to cutting-edge modeling. Finer and more realistic lines, precise textures and rather impressive animationsevidenced by the small clip of Tess.

Whether or not you are in favor of this remake, we are forced to note that Naughty Dog has not taken the work lightly and intends to offer a real overhaul of its now cult software. The Last of Us Remake is expected from September 2 on PS5 and will arrive a little later on PC.

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