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The Last of Us Remake will be released at the end of the year according to Jeff Grubb


The Last of Us Remake could be released sooner than expected according to Jeff Grubb who says he has heard new rumors regarding the release date.

Hard to miss right now, The Last of Us remake still hasn’t been made official and yet, we talk about him almost every month, just like the multiplayer game also developed by Naugthy Dog. Today, it is once again Jeff Grubb who puts oil on the fire by pronouncing a simple sentence heavy with meaning.

The Last of Us for the holidays, how about it?

It was during a Kinda Funny Games podcast that The Last of Us remake came back on the table and when a potential release window was mooted, Jeff Grubb ignited the fire by claiming he kept hearing about a year-end release.

I keep hearing that it’s coming out this year, during the holiday season

An exit closer than expected and which could also be accompanied by the famous multiplayer of The Last of Us which, according to the latest news, would finally be integrated into the Remake instead of being the subject of a spin-off.

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Even if tweezers, gloves and gas mask are recommended once again, hard not to get carried away. We can only hope that Naughty Dog ends up revealing its projects to us to get to the bottom of it.

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