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The Last of Us series (HBO): an adaptation opposite to the Uncharted film


How far will The Last of Us (HBO) series deviate from the game? Neil Druckmann gives new answers.

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us will not be broadcast in 2022, it is now confirmed. While only a promotional image has been shown for now, fans have been warned: the series will deviate from the original material a bit, but by how much? Neil Druckman in person gives us some answers.

Uncharted film and The Last of Us series (HBO), two opposing adaptations

At a time when the Uncharted film divides for its freedom, many wonder how far The Last of Us series will stray from the game. The adaptation of the adventures of Joel and Ellie will certainly take detours but will be much more faithful to those of Nathan Drake embodied by Tom Holland. In an interview given to Los Angeles TimesNeil Druckmann, director of both games and director of at least one of the series’ episodes, said:

Both Uncharted and The Last of Us are very cinematic games. It’s complicated to know how to adapt them, what to keep or not. We have chosen two different approaches for each. The Uncharted movie tells a whole different story that uses select moments from the franchise to bring “the Uncharted touch” to the adaptation. With The Last of Us series, we’re trying to tell the same story as the game, only drifting a little bit on certain points. (…) For example, you can switch from the perspective of one character to another, something that you cannot do in the game because they try to immerse you in the character that you play.

In other words, The Last of Us series should give points of view of secondary characters during the events of the game. We can for example imagine scenes centered on Marlene after the escape of Joel and Ellie to the Capitol or other key game scenes to flesh out the plot and characters.

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