Home News The Last Oricru RPG has its (temporary) demo on Xbox Series

The Last Oricru RPG has its (temporary) demo on Xbox Series


The RPG The Last Oricru, mixing science fiction and medieval world, can be approached on Xbox Series. The demo is available for a few days.

Combining science fiction and medieval world, The Last Oricru sends you into a world of war. A universe that you can discover now via a demo, provided you have a Xbox series. You have until December 21 to test it.

This trial version will give the possibility to survey the first two zones of the game as well as to face an enemy considered as “terrible”.

And those who can not try the software, for lack of equipment, will be able to have an overview on the thing thanks to the two videos released recently: the first (with comments) gives an overview of the game’s gamplay, while the second is the developer diary. Unfortunately, for those who are not bilingual, both publications are only in Shakespeare’s language.

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Besides the Xbox series, the title developed by GoldKnights may also be playable on PC and PS5. The release is scheduled for 2022.

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