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the list of runaway supercars? News @VGR


F1 22 is revealed little by little, but not always through official channels. A leak, in particular, has just put forward the list of its supercars.

expected on next july 1 on consoles and PC, EA Sports F1 22 very recently showed a very first gameplay trailer. The title developed by Codemasters then drew attention to his Miami circuit. Now it’s his supercars that seem to be coming to light through a probable runaway list that we owe to the journalist, Tom Henderson.

F1’s list of supercars 22

Thus, Henderson made mention, via his page Twitter, of just over ten vehicles. Is the listing complete? We don’t really know anything about it, the details are lacking. Only names appear on the post of the person concerned. And, if we are to believe the veracity of the information, here is what will be offered in terms of supercars:

Whether or not they will be subject to microtransactions is another story…

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