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The Lost Wild: gameplay for Annapurna’s Dino Crisis


Presented many months ago, The Lost Wild shares some gameplay halfway between The Forest and Dino Crisis.

Annapurna took advantage of its house showcase to highlight its upcoming titles including the horrific and prehistoric survival game, The Lost Wild.

Jurassic World without Chris Pratt

Expected for 2024 on PC, the software from the studio Great Ape Games is presented as a survival game in the first person reminiscent of the excellent The Forest and the cult classic Dino Crisis of Capcom. In The Lost Wild the player will be dropped in the middle of a hostile environment full of dinosaurs, where there are obviously laboratories and other military and technological infrastructures.
This is what the Steam page of the software tells us:

Explore a wild prehistoric land, where you are simply at the center of the food chain. Stay sharp, stay alert and escape. If you fail, flee or intimidate predators using non-lethal weapons in intense cat-and-mouse gameplay.

Discover abandoned settlements in a lush environment teeming with prehistoric life. Scavenge for useful items to increase your chances of survival, while facing ever greater dangers as you explore. Unravel the mystery that lies at the heart of the island.

While waiting to know the truth, the studio makes our mouths water with a new gameplay sequence that gives us a lot of eye candy.

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