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The main game mode of PES becomes… a paid DLC of eFootball (in 2023)


The fans are formal: the sinking continues. After launching a game far from over, barely started by the way, to try to compete unsuccessfully with FIFA 22, Konami finally unveiled v1.0 of its eFootball 2022, the new name for the legendary PES franchise, last April. Content that was certainly a little more extensive than when it was released six months earlier, adding a little material to free to play and above all a lot of patches. But with this season launch (when the actual football season was almost over), one mode was still missing: the Master League, the heart of the game for years.

In a pithy new tweet, Konami has therefore announced that this mode will arrive as paid DLC. But not before 2023, in six months minimum. Good news too, there will finally be more than twenty teams in a game that wants to be complete (the publisher has teased the arrival of teams from the English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Belgian, Scottish, American or even Japanese, but also from “many” countries): but again, it will pay off by the end of 2022. The editing functions, which allowed the series to explode from PES 6 thanks to the many modders who filled the licensing gaps, will arrive (for free, phew) at winter 2022just like the cross platform between PC and consoles.

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