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The Matrix universe invites itself into Sifu


A new mod once again features Keanu Reeves, not as John Wick as before, but as Neo.

Sifu, whose qualities our test has highlighted, attracts curiosity and various talents. Indeed, Sloclap’s game, which has already sold more than a million copies, is the delight of various modders. Thus John Wick or even Chun Li were able to make their appearance there. And now it’s the universe’s turn Matrix to supplant that of the title released on PS5, PS4 and the Epic Games Store in February.

With the creation that we owe to Halfmillz (whose entire pack is to be recovered on Nexusmodes), Neo has replaced the hero of the game and all the enemies have turned into the main antagonist of the series of films: agent smith. Which gives a rather impressive result, especially since the visual rendering and the sound effects have been reworked to stick as much as possible to the universe of science fiction that we owe to the Wachowski sisters.

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So, interesting?

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