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The Metroidvania Gold Project launches its Kickstarter campaign


The independent Dreamirl recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to carry out his project, which also counts on the participation of the streamer and composer MisterMV.

The independent studio Dreamgirl launched his Kickstarter campaign a few days ago for his next project: a Metroidvania named Gold Project. Featuring pixel art graphics designed by Camille Unknow, the title can count on the presence of Xavier Dang (MisterMV) and de Sarys in the composition to perfect an atmosphere that seems could not be more bewitching.

Based on karma, the proposed adventure will be different depending on the path you take. So the choice will be yours. It’s up to you to see which will be more attractive to you, between a path lulled by light or one obscured by the corruption of gold.

For the moment in search of funds necessary for its production, the game plans to release in the fourth quarter of 2023 and should look different on consoles and PC. But for the moment, as said, the team is currently focused on its Kickstater campaign which will end in about twenty days.

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