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The mobile game Mario Kart Tour could arrive… on PC


If the Mario Kart franchise is rather the prerogative of consoles, from Nintendo moreover, the mobile game Mario Kart Tour would be on its way to Windows PCs.

Would Nintendo be about to adapt its huge Mario Kart Tour hit to PC? The game from the popular franchise is currently available exclusively on the iOS and Android mobiles and tablets but could join the world of real gamers (insert smirk here). Indeed, an update was deployed yesterday on the servers and the patch note does not indicate anything crazy.

But dataminers have been digging into the files of this patch and have discovered notable changes to both the content and the way the game works. At first, several new races or new modes seem to be already programmed in the game. Other entries in the code suggest a port to PC: support for the mouse in the “Input” or support for “native emulation” which, according to mobile experts, would be related to the arrival of Google Play for PC.

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Surprisingly enough, the game does not currently support not the game controllerswhich would probably be a bit more logical and required for a Mario Kart title. But this would be the very first one to be released on PC!

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