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The Netflix series Tekken: Bloodline takes date with a trailer


The series Tekken: Bloodlines, supported by Netflix, now reveals its release date through a video in particular.

After the recent Resident Evil or Castlevania, another series inspired by a famous video game universe will soon be available on Netflix. And for good reason, the adaptation of the cult license of Bandai Namco, Tekken: Bloodlineis just now taking place on the platform of SVOD with a brand new video.

See you in August

In the new images released, we learn more about our main character and his motivation: revenge.

Having seen his mother die under his eyes, killed by Ogre, Jin Kazama will be taken care of by Heihachi Mishima who will try to divert him from the pacifism transmitted by his late relative, by using in particular his revenge. All this will have for goal to prepare the King of Iron Fist Tournament in which his enemy should participate.

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While waiting to approach this story the August 18thWe invite you to have a glimpse of it with the rather dynamic trailer here:

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