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The new Gravity Well studio is preparing a AAA… with the support of Sony? News @VGR


Respawn veterans have launched a new studio to develop what appears to be a new multiplayer game, announcing a partnership with a major publisher.

A new studio named Gravity Well was founded in the summer of 2020. This independent team is no stranger to the industry as its members can be discovered on the official website, most of whom are alumni of Apex Legends, TitanFall and the series call of duty. Currently looking for new talent, the studio has also announced his first AAA title.

For our first AAA game, we partnered with a major western publisher to create original intellectual property. We’re not talking about this game yet, but we look forward to introducing it to you in the future.

No info on this new IP for now, but this new sentence in the description asks a question about this famous major western publisher. The elders of Respawn (owned by EA) and Activision-Blizzard (owned by Microsoft) all seem to have a common core related to Infinity Ward and could just as well be partners of EA as Sony Interactive Entertainment or Xbox.

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On ResetErabudding Sherlocks discovered that PlayStation Studios Chief Development Officer John Sanders followed the founders of Gravity Well on Twitter recently, shortly after the announcement of the partnership with Deviation Games (founded by veterans of Treyarch).

With regard to the experience of the members of the team (Apex, Titanfall or Destiny 2 mainly), the studio clearly seems moving towards a multiplayer live-service titlewhich Sony is looking to do in the years to come. An agreement with PlayStation would therefore be widely favored by amateur investigators.

In the current job listing, this new AAA title is touted as a game that highly engages the player and brings participants together:

Develop and manage major game systems of brand new intellectual property. You will be responsible for creating and interacting systems that reward and engage players while fostering meaningful social interactions.

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