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The new Skate will not have a sequel, will be crossplay and free


In a first development video on the game nicknamed Skate 4, the studio Full Circle reveals its GaaS-oriented ambition and the real title of this opus which will be the last of the series.

A few hours after the disclosure of a cracked version of skate. the 4th opus of EA’s skateboarding simulation seriesthe publisher presents the backstage of its new game freshly unveiled and currently in playtest. In the first episode of this video series entitled “The Board Room”, Full Circle answers some questions.

Development during the pandemic, content, title of the game: several questions are answered. The studio explains that the title will not be called Skate 4 because “it’s not a sequel, not a remake, not a reboot, not a prequel, it’s none of those. It’s just him. It’s ‘skate.'”

Skate. will be free and crossplay

It’s also a bit of a slap in the face to the editor in charge of the project (EA), if you read between the lines, when Cuz Parrycreative director, says “it’s not an iteration game”:

There will be no Skate 5 to Skate 10, we won’t suck it up. We’re going to do it, this game. And we’re going to listen to what people have to say about it over time, to add the features that are requested. So one last time, it’s not Skate 4, it’s skate. Period. That’s why we put a period in the title.

A game closer to game service is coming so for this non-reboot of the license. The game will be supported “in the years to come” with a form of gameplay that requires the player to return regularly and not to “beat the game” with a defined endgame.

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However, the good news for players, is that there will be no lootboxes or paid areas in the game. No pay-to-win for the title therefore (at the same time, there are less and less countries that allow it) but no price to pay at all, sinceskate. will be free, with optional microtransactions. The crossplay and cross-progression will be offered at launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Last detail: the players will evolve in a big city called San VansterdamA subtle mix between San Francisco (you can see the famous roads that go down to the waterfront) and Amsterdam.

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