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The next Street Fighter teased by Capcom? News @VGR


Capcom has just unveiled the update to Street Fighter V, available for download on November 29. On the program of this Showcase, a new fighter, Luke, will join the roster. But is that really all?

The release of this new fighter is supposed to mark the end of the DLC for Street Fighter V. However, it would appear that Luke will play a central role in the future of Street Fighter. Indeed, the declarations of the producer Shuhei Matsumoto during the stream (of which you can see the replay below), leaves little room for doubt as to the intentions of Capcom for the rest:

Luke will be featured in the next Street Fighter project

The director Takayuki Nakayama also stated that the current game will be

a springboard to move on to the next project.

A priori, Capcom does not want to make fans wait too long since the publisher has indicated that it is more of an upcoming meeting than a goodbye. More information should be available next year.

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It now seems clear that Capcom is already working on the next episode of the series.

And you, what do you expect from this potential 6th episode?

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