Home News The nightmarish Forgive Me Father is coming soon

The nightmarish Forgive Me Father is coming soon


After the early access box, the dark horror retro-FPS Forgive Me Father will soon be released in full version.

Developed by Polish studio Byte Barrelthe FPS horror inspired by the universe of HP Lovecraft finally leaves its Early Access and will launch its full version on April 7.

He will thus see his number of levels double, the arrival of a new playable character and much more.

Forgive Me Father allows you to embody the distinct role of a priest or a journalist in search of answers in this Lovecraftian world, full of mysteries and madness. During your investigations, improving your character and its equipment will be necessary in order to face the hordes of monsters that await you.

Cheerfully inspired by 90s FPS and presented in a graphic style similar to the comic book, Forgive Me Father mix opponents and 2D elements in a fully 3D environment. The software will also allow you to decide on the evolution of your equipment and the most appropriate way to defeat these monstrosities drawn from a varied bestiary.

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Surrounded by occult forces, you will feel the horrifying and suffocating atmosphere who will follow you throughout the game. Forgive Me Father also has an endless mode that will force you to endure the endless onslaught of waves of monsters.

The full version of Forgive Me Father will be released on April 7 on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and other digital platforms.

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