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The Nintendo Store gets a makeover with some much needed new features


Nintendo’s online store is finally back online after several weeks of maintenance. Good news, the additions will satisfy a good part of the regular buyers.

Despite its clear market domination, Nintendo has always been more or less 2 or 3 trains behind on everything that affects the consumer ecosystem, whether it be the ergonomics of its online systems, the user interfaces of these products or the proposals of its marketplace. It is for this reason that the Nintendo Store has gone into maintenance for several weeks.

My Nintedo Store 2.0

The My Nintendo Store site has just been revamped and has a new, more modern design. But if the ergonomic part is noticeable, it’s the major additions that have all our attention.
Indeed, Nintendo has listened to its community and has just activated several new payment methods ardently requested as Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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In addition, well aware of its leadership position in the field, the firm added the possibility to order and/or pre-order physical editions, sometimes with exclusive bonuses. Shipping is free from 24,99€, otherwise it will cost you 2,99€.
This should make people happy.

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