Home News The Pad of Time platformer is coming to Switch and… Wii U

The Pad of Time platformer is coming to Switch and… Wii U


A new title, in line with the aesthetics of an N64 game, will soon join the catalog of Nintendo’s penultimate console.

Captain U, who announced himself as such, was therefore not the last to join the Wii U. pad of timethe next title that will show up on the console, will most likely have this privilege, since theeShop of the machine will soon be obsolete.

With an aesthetic close to games N64, MarioPaper Especially, pad of time will offer a journey through time. Each level that the 3 heroes (Mark, July, Art) will see its environment change, depending on the period it is visiting (past present Future).

The title developed by Markanime will be present on Wii Ubut will also advance on the current Switch. However, unlike the latter, the version intended for Nintendo’s old home console will have a specific mode in its possession, simulating the look of a game gameboy.

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His arrival is expected on next April 13.

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