Home News The Perfect Pencil, a psychological platformer on PC and Switch

The Perfect Pencil, a psychological platformer on PC and Switch


Between Limbo and Hollow Knight, two inspirations of the game, The Perfect Pencil offers an action-adventure game that explores the human psyche, all with a magnificent artistic direction.

The Italian studio Cima Studio announces this Monday the release of The Perfect Pencil on PC and Switch at an unknown date. Presented as a psychological adventure platformer, the title is inspired by action-adventure games like Hollow Knight but also psychological adventures like Celeste or Limbo.

The most interesting thing about this production is above all the artistic direction with hand-drawn 2D decors and a very ethereal soundscape.

The Perfect Pencil aims to challenge players to understand and come to terms with uncomfortable situations that stem from their fears and anxieties – a topic very much in the air – in a totally captivating experience.

As you travel through the worlds, the player will discover important messages through metaphors and personifications of emotions. Throughout his journey, players will be faced with decisions that will challenge their Perception of the human psyche.

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The gameplay will also feature quick fights during the narration and difficult choices in the development of the story. A first announcement video has been published and a Steam page allows you to follow the project while waiting for the official date.

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