Home News The prologue of Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 in free demo

The prologue of Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 in free demo


If you don’t like going out, discover the escape game experience with the new game from PlayTogether Studio, which will soon be available as a playable demo on Steam.

The narrative escape game from PlayTogether Studio, Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2, will arrive next March on Steam with early access. Stalled so far to March 8, it is postponed to 22 but before that, the Prologue will be available in free demo from February 21 to 28 during the Steam Next Fest.

Valve’s big virtual platform event will allow all PC gamers to test the debut of this cooperative puzzle game up to 6 players. On this occasion, a new gameplay video was presented.

The opportunity to see part of Professor Cheshire’s mysterious mansion and its disturbing Victorian steampunk atmosphere, a place where you will have less than 60 minutes each time to get out of one of the 3 rooms. The first two chapters, in addition to the prologue, will be revealed as soon as the early access opens.

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