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The Quarry will have nearly 200 different endings according to Supermassive


The Quarry, the next narrative game from Supermassive, will be entitled to real scriptwriting care if we are to believe recent statements from the studio.

Accustomed to narrative games with multiple branches, such as Until Dawn or the anthology The Dark Pictures, Supermassive has obviously seen things big with The Quarry.

More than a hundred different endings on the program

A sort of spiritual sequel to Until Dawn, notably because of its penchant for horrific teen movies, The Quarry will put us in the shoes of a group of teenagers having a very, very bad weekend.

Each choice in The Quarry will have a direct impact on what happens next and according to the developers, the game has a lot of them and would offer no less than 186 different endings.

Questioned by IGN, Will Byles, Director on the project, declared that the software had been designed to respond to very many variables and to offer “extremely varied paths”. A “mathematical nightmare” that features over 1000 pages of scripts and would lead to more than a hundred endings that would take into account many more parameters than the simple survival of the characters.

We wrote the story of The Quarry like a movie script… except that the actors are used to a 100-page script on a feature film and the scenario of our game is more than 1000 pages. Every day we have to turn 50 pages, which is quite unprecedented. That’s a crazy amount of footage. In all, we have crafted 186 different endings for these characters, and it’s not just a matter of life or death. The stories they go through along the way are also quite varied. All these paths are really a math nightmare. It’s just amazing. But we really like the idea of ​​providing context, so you can have the same conversation twice, but know that if that person just killed someone, then the context changes, and everything changes.

Beautiful promises therefore, even if the 186 endings announced seem a bit exaggerated to us, we will still give the benefit of the doubt to The Quarry and will wisely await its release scheduled for June 10 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, to see if everything is correct.

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