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The remake of System Shock shows itself and finally formalizes its release window


System Shock will return in 2022, it’s now official after years of development, postponements, cancellations and rumors.

System Shock will come back, it is now official. At least, that’s what Prime Matter announces, which has just signed a publishing contract with Nightdive Studios for the release of this remake of a cult game from the 90s.

We are really excited to partner with Prime Matter to bring our project to fruition, which is a crucial step in the development of Nightdive Studios. This will allow us to bring System Shock to fans across the world, both digitally and physically.. In addition, we will also be able to honor our commitments to our fans, and more particularly, the people who supported us on Kickstarter, without whom the making of this game would never have been possible.

– Stephen Kick, Founder and CEO of Nightdive Studios.

Released on PC and DOS in 1994, the Warren Spector FPS takes place in an abandoned space station where you have to survive against SHODAN, a super artificial intelligence who has taken control of the ship and wants to eradicate humans.

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Scheduled as a complete remake of the game, the new System Shock will mix gameplay from the original with HD visuals, reworked controls, a new interface, and remastered sounds and music. The release is now officially set at 2022 on PC and consoles.

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