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the return of several cities of lore, and 500 hours of play? News @VGR


Following rumors about the presence of several cities from the GTA series in the new opus, analyst Michel Pachter estimates that it will probably take nearly 500 hours to complete the game.

This is a debate that comes up quite regularly: game life. As for the difficulty, there are supporters in both cases, but it must be admitted that it is much more often reported that a good game must have a solid lifespan. Thus, according to the analyst Michael PachterGTA 6 could be one of them.

Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City in GTA 6?

In a video, the man declares that the new opus of the famous cult series, recently made official by Rockstar, could reach 400 to 500 hours of play, just that. One of the reasons for this? The game is presented, according to various rumors, as one of the largest ever createdwith the return of all cities from Grand Theft Auto lore.

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However, as always with this game, these assertions are to be taken with very large tweezers, especially since nothing has yet filtered through on this undoubtedly pharaonic project which would be in the pipes of Rockstar for almost 10 years. The latest rumors therefore indicate thatLos Santos/San Andreas will be back alongside Vice City, Liberty City, but also European cities like London, the heart of the action of the first GTA DLCs.

Since the beginning of the license, the series still broke the codes and tried to make a real difference with each release. From the arrival of 3D with GTA 3 until the presence of the switch between the 3 main heroes of GTA 5 going through the possibility for the first time to customize your character and see your morphology move in GTA San Andreas… Why not a GTA 6 with many maps on the cloud, like a Star Citizen?

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