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The rumors around the Chrono Cross remake become clearer


Another source seems to confirm the existence of the Chrono Cross remake. Looks of certainty therefore, which will nevertheless have to wait for formalization to materialize.

As previously reported, by Nick baker ofXboxEra, there is no doubt: Chronos Cross will soon be entitled to a remake and will be intended for a multitude of platforms. An assertion which was notably supported with the list from Nvidia which leaked last September.

However, the rumor remains one and will remain as such until formalization, which should take place in Games Awards December 9. But, it is true that the doubt about him is gradually dissipating, especially if we trust the words advanced by Gematsu: Gematsu also learned that a remastered version of Chrono Cross is under development ”.

And then take it as you want, but isn’t that already a sign to see it appear, December 4, a collaboration between Chrono Cross and the mobile game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time

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