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the “Shock & Awe” patch is loaded with content! News @VGR


Just a few months after its release, the Left 4 Dead-like in VR, After The Fall, is entitled to a major update stuffed with new content.

The cooperative VR shooter from Vertigo Games is getting patch 1.5.37 “Shock & Awe” today, the first big update of the “Frontrunner Season”.

Free update for all!

Through this, After The Fall acquires a new weapon, the Tommy Gun, a new gadget to stun the Snowbreed in a wide area as well as a bomb capable of atomizing the opposing hordes. In addition, the PvP mode is enriched with a new “Everyone-for-himself” game mode and will also host a new map, Stockpile, taking place in a warehouse.

At last, the patch improves all versions of the game, whether you are on Meta Quest, PC VR or PSVR, and fixes a large number of bugs in addition to bringing many balances. And of course, everything is completely free. Below are the full patch notes.

After The Fall, Patch Notes 1.5.37 on Meta Quest 2, PC VR and PSVR


  • Items added in this update can be found all over the map.
  • Respawn times are reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds in this level.

    • No teams,
    • Up to 8 players fighting for themselves
    • Respawn times are reduced
    • The first to 30 Kills wins!


    • Unlocked from military floppy disks (yellow).
    • 55 base damage with minimal recoil.
    • Fires 9mm ammo (blue) like the SMG.
    • A whopping 900 shots per minute.
    • Adds a total of 10 accessories to unlock.


    • Unlocked from Prototype floppies (red).
    • Can be purchased for 100,000 Harvest.
    • Each device charge equals 2 uses!
    • Extreme damage at medium range, but decreasing with distance.


  • Unlocked from Industrial Floppies (Purple).
  • Can be purchased for 1000 Harvest.
  • 9000 damage in its small impact radius.
  • 10,000 stun damage in huge radius.
  • Explodes on impact – throw it at special people!

    • Unlocked from import floppies (blue).
    • Can be purchased for 500 Harvest.
    • Can still heal and revive, although less effective.
    • Doubles the firing speed for a total of 10 seconds!
    • The effect is removed by applying another Booster.


  • Removed duplicate floppy disks until you have collected all the accessories of the corresponding level; every new unlock is now guaranteed to be unique!
  • Added a jump in Horde mode, allowing you to start the following rounds – after completing them once: 0 / 15 / 30 / 45.
  • There is no longer a limitation on the number of times a device can be used, only a limitation on the amount of charges that can be purchased and found.
  • Added armory support for combat devices allowing players to purchase new ones from the armory machine, equip them to either hand, and remove them using the ‘power tool.
  • Device charges are not shared between the two devices, firing one will not consume your opposite hand’s charge!
  • Harvest-O-Matic now has limited inventory and categories – players can only purchase one item of each per vault room to greatly reduce stacking.
  • Balanced floppy unlocks, giving you five times the chance of decrypting items added in this update compared to getting a weapon attachment from a floppy!
  • Updated the Booster visual to better reflect its function, it is now white to look like your base booster.
  • Added a vignette to the Booster insert to give instant feedback when you have been healed.
  • Changed the localization of industrial rarity and military rarity to correctly indicate that the second is better than the first.

    Added 4 new endgame player skins, with more to come after this update:

    • Galaxy: Reach turn 45 in Horde without taking damage.
    • Danger: Complete 5 nightmare courses in a row without taking any damage.
    • Magma: Complete a total of 20 nightmare courses in each level.
    • Flames: Complete “Savage Challenge” on Nightmare difficulty.


    • Advanced Reload now gives +35% damage multiplier instead of +50% harvest gain! This multiplier is subject to change based on your feedback.
    • All blue ammo weapons (Tommy Gun, SMG, and Service Pistol) now deal 1.2x the damage against common Snowbreeds, but 0.8x to Specials to give them their own battle gear.
    • Slightly increased Arizona Falcon fire rate from 4.15 to 4.35.
    • Increased maximum ammo capacity for blue (9mm) from 180 to 240.
    • Increased maximum ammo capacity for Yellow (7.62) from 160 to 200.
    • Slightly reduced the recoil of the SMG to make it competitive against the Tommy Gun.
    • Reduced Falcon recoil to make it more maneuverable with a higher rate of fire.
    • Changed the chance of a military diskette spawning on a veteran from 2.5% to 10%.
    • Changed the chance of a Floppy Prototype spawning on a Master from 2.5% to 7.5%.
    • Massively increased the amount of harvest Skimmy will drop on death, from 100 to 500*.
    • Decreased Revolver damage from 275 to 250 to account for advanced reload bonus.
    • Rebalanced the damage range of explosions and firearms in PVP to be much more accurate.
    • Increased Missile Device rocket count from 8 to 12 to have its own combat adjustment.
    • Reduced Pipe Bomb explosion radius from 8 to 6 to make it a more economical option.
    • Using a booster now removes Pod blindness and drool from the eater’s explosion.
    • Updated the number of enemies and spawn rate in Boulevard to make it more difficult.
    • Increased LMG damage from 60 to 90.
    • Increased LMG Stagger damage from 30 to 45.
    • Reduced LMG fire rate from 12.5 to 10.5.
    • Increased LMG vertical recoil multiplier from 4.5 to 4.6.
    • Increased LMG horizontal recoil multiplier from 1.5 to 1.55.
    • The classic LMG stock now costs 10,000 crops.
    • Fixed the LMG red foregrip recoil reduction to apply correctly.
    • Increased LMG red handle fire rate from 25% to 32.5%.


    • We’ve improved the way we load weapon builds, reducing the chance of weapons being stripped of attachments.
    • Removed an obsolete Nightmare difficulty behavior that continued to delete prop data when clearing the squad.
    • The game now pauses when another player does not react. Additionally, the button will only be active after a delay to prevent accidental disconnections.
    • Added a skimmer to all harvest runs and fixed a few spawn points in Boulevard; be sure to check your corners before she walks away!
    • You no longer carry your current loadout when you start the Tutorial.
    • Updated gold skin for all weapons, added engravings to make it stand out more from other skins. We are still looking for ways to give it even more sparkle!
    • Fixes in progress tracking for the following skins: Red Flannel, Blue Flannel, Bee, Orange Camo and Red Camo.
    • Increased the spawn location of items on the crafting bench, making weapons less likely to get stuck.
    • Chat characters are now correctly selected based on the player’s assigned skin. This means that you will really sound like Jimmy if you have the Jimmy skin!
    • You can now disarm explosives. Just press the arming button again to disarm your explosive!


    • Fixed an issue on Pimax and WMR causing the view to flip when rotating.
    • Fixed an issue on Pimax headsets where the screen fader did not scale to the entire screen.


    • Optimizations to improve stability on the helmet. This has reduced the number of crashes, but we are continuing to investigate headset hangs.


    • Fixed LMG bullet counter not always working on Playstation VR.
    • Reduced memory usage on PSVR to mitigate frequent crashes. Let us know if you still have any issues!
    • Fixed an issue where PSVR players could not always hear all of their teammates over VoIP.

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