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The Sims 4 Wedding Review

The Sims 4 Wedding review

Lovers of the Sims, this special wedding extension comes to decorate the daily life of our favorite characters by giving this event the place it deserves. And to do this, EA Games has pulled out all the stops with an all-new universe, interactions, features and a bunch of new items.

As you probably know, in The Sims, the game possibilities are multiple and the stories are never alike. And it is not this new extension that will make us say the opposite, because the license takes a new step with the possibility “finally” to experience the adventures of this long-awaited event. As you can imagine, making a marriage proposal is not easy, but preparing it is even less so. And for that you go be able to carefully supervise each step (the decor, the choice of your guests…) until the long-awaited day, in live the event as you wish and with whom you wish (no, we will not enter into this controversy).

A new world: Tartosa

The Sims 4 Wedding review

The Sims 4 Marriage invites us to discover a whole new place, theater of your festivities, serving both as a resort and as a residence. This new paradisiacal environment bordered by the ocean on one side and waterfalls and cliffs on the other, offers a central square named Porto Luminoso. A place renowned for being the first wedding destination, prized in particular for its services in the field of romance and marriage. This one offers new places to entertain and house your Sims with for example: a rental house, a new residential area, an empty building -which is just waiting for you since you will eventually be able to occupy it- and a building plot on the edge of the beach which will offer you the possibility of creating the villa of your dreams by leaving free rein to your design ideas. You can also count on a very nice cocktail bar and a place of ceremony for your future weddings (unusual type of land).

If you go up the coast a little more, you will come across another place “Terra Amorosa”. Commonly called “The lands of love”, in this one you will find much the same things as in Porto Luminoso. Only the decor has changed significantly.

The stress of preparations…

The Sims 4 Wedding review

You will therefore have understood it, with a new land for your Sims, they will be able to indulge in many new activities even if the main objective will obviously be to create your own wedding ceremony. But not only, since you will also be able to experience the different stages, more or less difficult, which lead to this outcome. To do this, for example, you will have to start by creating the event via your Sims’ computer, phone or calendar. So you can invite your contacts to a “family reunion”the opportunity to bring the two families together to get to know each other in order to create a moment of conviviality and bickering -it is according to-.

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Then why not organize a “engagement dinner” between lovers and / or with loved ones to celebrate this beautiful newsor prepare a good drunkenness on the occasion of a “bachelor sim” to relax with friends before the big day. Other events are also present and can be organized, such as the rehearsal dinner, receptions and especially the famous wedding ceremony. It will even be possible to repeat the dumpling if you wish during a vow renewal ceremony. So many possibilities to create sublime stories for your characters.

It must be recognized that these new features bring a little extra soul and a breath of fresh air to the license, even if it is regrettable that the studio has not shown a little more ambition in certain aspects.

The Sims 4 Wedding review

Of course, full new interactions have been added for the occasion and you can plan or delete activities during the event. For example, it will be possible to go down the central aisle, do a first dance, throw rice or even make soap bubbles. You can thus bring together all the key elements that will contribute to the success of the “happiest day of your life”. Or, why not also make a big mess by expressing your doubts about a union, make incomprehensible jokes – word of Sims -, or even be precocious by immediately marrying your soul mate. It must be recognized that these novelties bring a little extra soul and a breath of fresh air to the license, even if it is regrettable that the studio has not shown a little more ambition in certain aspects. One can note in particular the absence of “aspirations” centered around the theme of marriage. A missed opportunity to give an additional goal to achieve for our Sims…

New interactions

The Sims 4 Wedding review

During the preparations, you will have the right to choose your wedding witness, your master of ceremonies, the ring bearer or even find the person who will wear your flowers on the BIG DAY! Note however that our build showed some bugs that sometimes prevented certain interactions. However the developers have been working on a fix for release day.

You can also count on a myriad of new decorative objects

In addition, to personalize your experience a little more, the software offers you the possibility of give free rein to your ideas in terms of decoration by choosing your wedding arch, the size and rendering of which you can customize to adapt it to most types of terrain. You can also count on a myriad of new decorative objects like beautifully decorated chairs, benches, tables, barrels, dance floors, buckets for toasts, etc… up to the adorable roof sculptures to embellish your houses or creations . In short, each one more sumptuous than the other, enough to complete your already copiously well-stocked inventory a little more.

The Sims 4 Wedding review

Another point, it will of course be possible to choose your wedding outfit, that of your half, but also those of your guests so that they adapt to the theme you want to give to the event. You can count on a whole range of new cosmetic elements (haircuts, hats, earrings, buttonholes, makeup, etc.) for a total of 22 new outfits or sets. Ah! And we were going to forget the most important! Yes you can choose your mounted piece, either by buying it directly in store, a perfect opportunity to walk around the city center and enjoy very pretty stone decorations, either by preparing it from the event planner. Also note that a new relationship has been added in the “create a sims” tab. The betrothed status of the move will benefit the game as a whole.

The software gives you the opportunity to give free rein to your ideas in terms of decoration

The Sims 4 Wedding review

Of course, The Sims 4 Wedding also brings its share of new interactions such as the possibility of playing with sand. Something to delight children but also adults and teenagers who will be able to show off their talent as an artist by drawing on the beach and keeping this little romantic side that allows them to draw a heart for two -it’s cro meugnon-, a star or a smiley. You will also be able to use your talents as a treasure hunter, since you can try to flush out bottles containing mysterious messages -20 in total- before saying no to global warming and then throwing it into the sea. Yes, it’s ugly!

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