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The Sims 4 Wedding will finally be released in Russia, but the game is postponed


EA had decided to boycott the Russian market, which did not want an episode of The Sims 4 with same-sex marriages. But the publisher has complied with the request of the community and announces in passing a postponement.

Turnaround on EA’s side, publisher of the new The Sims 4 Wedding pack. A few days ago, the studio announced that it was removing Motherland from its list of distributors, the fault of a debate around the content of the game.

Indeed, the extension that allows Sims to prepare an ideal but virtual wedding, tells the story of a gay couple, as we can see in the promotional video. Considered by Russian law as a game of “gay propaganda”, Maxis had to comply with the rules of the country and censor this part.

To avoid any censorship, EA had therefore announced the non-sale in Russia. But obviously, the gaming community made the studio bend, which expressed itself on its blog:

Since then (the announcement of the non-release of the game in Russia, editor’s note), we have listened to the influx of feelings from our community, including support for our decision and concern for other members of the community. It’s equally important for us to stand up for our values, including the fight against homophobia, and to share stories like this with those who need it most.

With that in mind we re-evaluated our options and realized we could do more than we originally thought and we will now be releasing the game pack for our community in Russia unmodified and unchanged with Dom and Cam.

We want the entire Sims community to be able to celebrate together, that’s why we’re pushing the worldwide release to February 23 – including in Russia.

Love is love, and the Sims community will continue to be a safe space for those who want to see a world where that is true for everyone. We are grateful for the support of our team and our values, even when it is difficult. Thank you for being part of The Sims.

With a campaign on the networks under the hashtag #weddingsforrussiaplayers explained that The Sims 4, which already allowed marriage between women in the base game, has not been banned for the moment in Russia, but is offered in stores under the “18+” label in order to protect its popular youth from the “gay propaganda” served up by Maxis.

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If some have preferred to criticize a incomprehensible sanction (and self-censorship) against a single countryothers simply felt that the distribution of the game in Russia would allow the Russian LGBT+ community to be representedeven if this means removing the game from the general public.

The new DLC, which adds new options for the Sims wedding and honeymoon, will therefore be released (almost) everywhere in the world February 23. Contacted by IGNEA simply commented “having heard of more solutions than expected” to make this decision.

Source: www.ea.com

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