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The STALKER 2 studio moves to escape the war


While the development of STALKER 2 is at a standstill, GSC Game World has moved to Czechia to complete the work. The studio would even be on a new opus of the Cossacks saga.

New twist in the development of STALKER 2, the latest GSC Game World title. While the project was forced to put on hold due to the war in ukrainethe developers renamed the game on Steam, removing the Russian name of the nuclear power plant in the title.

But the studio has been pretty tight-lipped since its enforced hiatus and no one really knows how the team is handling the crisis right now. According to Czech journalist Pavel Dobrovsky, the studio has just moved to the Czech Republic to resume development.

Good news too: GSC Game World seems to want to get serious about it, since the game, planned for the end of the year on PC and Xbox Series, is not the only one in the boxes. The developers would also have decided to switch on the next installment of the Cossacks saga right after.

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According to several sources, several Ukrainian studios are currently taking similar steps to also export to the Czech Republic in order to continue to work serenely.

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