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The takeover of Ubisoft seems to be taking shape


According to Kotaku, various companies are currently studying the French company as part of a possible takeover.

In the great fashion of redemptions which affects the world of video games (Microsoft, Sony for example), it could be that Ubisoft is also concerned. And if he could avoid it by 2018with the attempt initiated by Vivendi, it would seem that here it would be a choice more than necessary for the survival of the studio.

A buyout necessary?

According to information published by Bloomberg, interested companies would indeed have entered into talks with the French company as part of a possible takeover. Names such as Blackstone and KKR & Co. were cited. But, if for the moment it is only about elements brought by sources to the Kotaku magazine, it seems that this future is inevitable for Ubisoft, which is currently going through a complicated period. A situation, tossed between a fall in its shares and a difficult production, which could not be rectified. However, for the moment, noserious negotiation with potential buyers» has not been carried out.

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Several reasons explain this state of affairs. Among the most important: the sexual misconduct case as well as the wave of departures of certain key elements that have affected the company. Production would then have been logically impacted, thus accumulating delays and difficulties concerning large projects. (Beyond Good and Evil 2, Far Cry, Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed). To fill the hole, Ubisoft who simply had to make a DLC for Valhalla would have been forced to turn it into a standalone.

For the moment, what has been advanced is only a rumor. The parties contacted, like the CEO (Yves Guillemot), did not confirm the allegations without denying them. However, as explained by the contacts interviewed by Kotaku still, Ubisoft would prepare well for the thing. For them, the various audits carried out over the past few years are a most significant sign.

While waiting to learn more, here are the words of Ubisoft:

We do not comment on rumors or speculation. Ubisoft has unrivaled creative and production capabilities, with more than 20,000 talented people collaborating on game development in our global studios. Thanks to them, our long-term approach and our willingness to take creative risks, we have built some of the strongest proprietary brands in the industry and have many promising brands and projects on the horizon. We also have one of the deepest and most diverse portfolios in the industry, cutting-edge services and technologies, and a large and growing community of engaged gamers. Therefore, we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the rapid industry growth and platform opportunities that present themselves.

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