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The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition returns from the dead on PS5


The Tomorow Children will soon have a second life on Sony consoles and is taking the opportunity to improve.

A true UFO when it was released in 2016, The Tomorrow Children had to close its doors for stories of internal mess and a loss of earnings, but things have changed.

It’s time for rebirth comrade

At the time, when Q-Games and Sony had made buddy-buddy for the release of the software, it was Sony who held the rights and had ended up asking for the pure and simple stoppage of the game. Since then, the studio and the Japanese firm agreed and it is now Q-Games who has all the rights to his baby.

And instead of throwing it away or spawning a second episode, the developers have decided to give their foal a second chance by completely repairing it. We will have the right to new interactions, new items as well as many brand new biomes.

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It will therefore always be a question of building a small town with other players by defending themselves against an army of kaiju, all in a somewhat anxiety-provoking atmosphere, close to the communist forced labor camp, but with a certain lightness.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition does not yet have a release date, but is indeed planned for this year on PS5 and PS4.

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