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The tropical adventure Tchia is postponed to 2023


Exclusive to PlayStation consoles, Tchia, an open-world tribute to New Caledonia has grown for three years and must now push back its release window.

Presented in 2020 by the French studio Awaceb, the open-world adventure game Tchia will be desired even more since the Bordeaux company announces its postponement for 2023. The development team posted an update on Twitter that details this decision:

We are thrilled with the progress this project, inspired by a small island we call home, has already made. After 3 years of hard and passionate work, we owe it to ourselves and those who supported, to deliver the best game possible.

To this end, we have decided to move the output window to early 2023.

In order to allow the game to be a “very special experience”, we will have to take our troubles patiently. What was not to the taste of all Internet users, some of whom railed against these untimely postponements which are the norm today. To which the studio responded:

The project has grown since its announcement and player response has encouraged us to redouble our efforts and push ourselves to deliver a unique game. Fortunately, there are enough amazing things to play in the meantime! Creating games is also difficult and often unpredictable.

The adventure game will pay tribute to New Caledonia and its culture, in an open-world adventure where the character can play the ukulele to achieve certain exploits with the fauna, flora, inhabitants or the weather. The title is planned in exclusive to PS4/PS5 consoles and on PC.

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